Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Reunion, Part II

Where do I begin? I hope you're comfy. I'm just filling in where Tris left off....As you may recall, this trip all started with a hair-brained idea around 8:00 on Monday to drive some 12 hours to Colorado. Once I got there, all I wanted to do was talk to Jana for 3 days straight, so we got pretty creative when it came to putting our kids to bed. Hey, we were on vacation!Lucky for me, Jana came up with ways to keep the kids entertained...here they're having a water-balloon toss. I love the concentration in Em's face! It only lasted about 2 minutes before they were making "mud-pies" in the back yard.My super-heroes escaped at bed-time and I found them rocking away like grumpy old men on the back porch!After Jana's, it was on the road again. We went camping for a night in Heber with Dan's extended extended family. Let's say it was an ADVENTURE! For the children, right? Here's a shot of the cabins with some added wild life for good measure. The best part was the last hour when we rented paddle boats and canoes on the lake, but Katy hasn't blogged about that yet and all those pictures are on her camera. :)
We made it to temple square one afternoon and ended up walking around the entire temple to find the visitor's center. While doing so, we interrupted only about 14 weddings! Phew, that place is busy! I love this statue of Jesus and couldn't wait to hear something really spiritual come "out of the mouth of babes." Instead, as we were walking up the circular corridor to Jesus, Lukas shouts out, "Mom, we're in Toy Story 2!" (for those of you who don't have it memorized like he does, just watch the opening scene.)After dinner and a show at the Mayan, we headed to Deanna's house (Dan's sister) for a baby shower. It was great! Her baby is precious beyond belief! Here she is wearing a headband I made for her. I just wish you could see her perfect lips. I must admit, it was the most unique baby shower experience. Since it was her first, Deanna led the conversation with pen and paper in hand with all the questions she had. It was just the sisters (in-laws too) and mom and we got down and dirty and by the end, I think several people had tears from laughing so hard. Gotta love girl time.The next day we were favored to take part in Brocky-boo's blessing. Here are our reverent children and the closest to a family photo we got all vacation. (we're still missing 10+ people)
And here we are, King and Queen of the Rook Tourney. A title that can't be stripped from us for the next 3 years until we meet again in Ohio. And if I lug that piece of a-hem, "work" all the way to Ohio, taking up precious suitcase space, you better believe it is not coming back! We had a special glass case made for it, along with cute little outfits for all the people on the trophy. They weren't modest.What's better than watching tv on Papa and Nana's bed while everyone else is playing rook?After our 5 hour nap and 12 hour night's sleep, we were ready for the 4th of July Parade in Kayesville. This is serious business! This "float" was throwing out stuffed animals! Lukas was more than thrilled to get a piece of candy, even though apparently he hadn't quite finished his last piece yet...After the parade, there is always a community water fight. It was pretty intense--the streets were lined with trucks pulling trailers full of water to combat the fire trucks.Valora cunningly had Eric carry the water cooler all the way from the car just in case we got thirsty. Instead, she dumped it all over his head. You should have seen her victory dance! The kids had a blast on all the inflatables after the parade. BJ really wanted a picture of him catching some air....And boy did he--he landed over 1/2 way down!Indulge me for a mommy moment....This was not a posed photo. Do you ever just look at your kids and wonder: How did this happen?! I'm a mother of 4 kids! And for one blessed moment they are actually playing together like friends! This was one of those moments. I felt so lucky to have such great kids.The moment was obviously short-lived....Later, we had our own little water-fight. Everyone was split into teams. Right before the main event, little Spencer, Eric's 6 year old stepped on top of a glass aquarium and broke through with both feet. Spencer was on BJ's "team" for the fight, and all BJ could say after seeing all the blood and screaming was, "well, looks like we lost a guy." His empathy was truly astounding. It was a miracle that Spencer wasn't hurt more than he was, and after the bandages, he still had a great time, as you can see in this action shot:After the boys played ball, they played with FIRE, which I think they enjoyed even more!

And that's the end of the longest post ever. And the longest vacation ever! I miss everyone already. Oh well. See you in three years! :) (now you see where BJ's empathy comes from.)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tris, in all her glory

Nothing is sacred on my camera. Here are a few "self-portrait" shots I found after letting Tris "borrow" my camera. You will see she rivals me in beauty, humor, and brand of lip plumper. May you all be as blessed to have someone this radiant in your lives...XOX

The REAL story of the Foutz Family Reunion...in pictures

I forgot to mention that some of my favorite Foutz's in the world drove 2000 miles to see me (as well as some other family member) - but mostly me!!!! Look how excited Ella, Eris, Noah and Jewel were to see me! Of course, excitement could be miscontrued for delirium from being in the car for nearly 30 hours. Or the effects of too much diet coke...or too many show tunes (if you knew their parents, you would understand)...or too many subliminally enhanced Disney movies.

So we spent some good times in SLC - ate at the Mayan, saw some good Foutz pioneer memoribilia, and we got to witness Brocky's blessing...all of which are on my lost camera. I know I mentioned my lost camera before - but I'm not bitter towards the individual who lost it. I think she (or he) is totally awesome and I'm sure the camera will turn up! Really - I'm sure it will.

After an exciting (and I do mean EXCITING) morning of chasing dinosaurs in Ogden, we checked into the beautiful Moose Hollow luxury condo's and immediately hit the pool! I was unafraid to battle my neice's and nephews for the Chicken Fight Champion Title - but alas, lost. I'm definately going to beef up for the next reunion --- and then we'll see who's a bigger chicken.
There's me and my hot boyfriend! Don't we make an adorable couple???
So the funnest day of the reunion was spent at a gorgeous mountain resevoir. We rented a jet ski and tube for the day and had an awesome time! Tristana, the kamikazi pregnant driver, unbeknownst to poor Katy and I, almost killed us in her attempt to get a good "wake"! Our husbands thought that this picture and these smiles would be our last...
Here's BJ and Emmers LOVING the tube!!!

Here are some hotties on the beach that we were flirting with. Can you blame us? Actually this is Dan with his two best friends in the entire universe (at least that's what his brothers say about him). They almost died MORE on the jet ski after we girls showed them how to almost die but not quite. Check out the scenery!!! WOW!
Of course, later that night I couldn't miss "So You Think You Can Dance"! Tristana is pretty sure that Twitch is taking it this year! Sam and Lukas never miss an episode either...
I also won the rook tournament that night...with a little help from Dan. Anyway...that is some highlights from the reunion. I'm already getting geared up for the next one!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008

We're BA-ACK!!

This is to let you all know that I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth! After a 2 week long vacation, I need a vacation! My body isn't as forgiving as it was during the college years when going to bed before midnight was considered pooping out early. I made a rash decision Monday morning around 8:30 that I don't regret one bit: to drive to Colorado myself with the kids and surprise my dear friend Jana, and then meet up with Dan a few days later at his family reunion. Dan helped me pack the car real quick-like (is that even possible for such an extended trip?!) and I was off! My kids were angels in the car and we made it in record time--11 1/2 hours later we pulled up and while we were in the car plotting on how to surprise Jana, she walked out of her house and totally scared ME! No fair! We enjoyed a few glorious days together doing what we do best--sitting on the couch gabbing while the kids roam free, and eating Nate's delicious cooking. Thanks for shoving those 4 loaded crepes down my throat, Nate, and completely sabotaging my diet! I will never forgive you for that, never!

After Jana's, I drove to Salt Lake to meet up with my hubby again. Then we spent a day camping in Heber with Dan's mom's extended family. (May I recommend not sleeping in a bunk house with 12 kids (one of which is in your bunk) and 2 anonymous snorers.) Then we spent a few days back in Salt Lake. Then we went to Ogden for the "real reunion" where we ate and swam and swam and ate (and in between played lots of rook where Dan and I won the coveted trophy). Then we went back to Kaysville to spend the 4th with his college roommate and his family. Then we came home. Then I wanted to hibernate. Is anyone else tired from just reading this?

Please let me take a nap before I die. And when I find my camera, be prepared for some great pics.