Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Pine of Jerbies"

Well, that's what Lukas called it, anyway. (Does it really sound like that when I say "Pinewood Derby?" Dan thinks I have a thpeech impediment, maybe he'th right.)

So....the excitement at our house these past few days has been getting geared up for the big race which was held tonight. I must say, after BJ's first race when his weights went flying off, I did not hold my breath the rest of the night and went to help dish up treats in the kitchen. When I finished, Dan told me I just missed the championship race and whadya know, he won! (Obviously he didn't fare so well in the uniform inspection, but we'll work on that next month.) I love this picture so much because I have one kind of like it of me and my older brother, Timothy when we were about the same ages. He (Timothy) wanted me in the picture as much as BJ wanted Emily in the picture, but little sisters are just so adoring of their cool big brothers! Emily was BJ's biggest fan and was as excited as he was. Way to go, Beej!

My Superheros are growing up!

We celebrated 2 super birthdays last week at our house! One for Batman turning three: And one for Superman turning five!
The boys had been telling me for months exactly what cakes they wanted and it was truly a labor of love making them....all day in the kitchen with my super powers. But, the boys were so excited, it made it all worth it. Sam genereally wears his batman costume all day, but when he saw me get the camera out, he had to go and change his clothes really quick so he wouldn't be caught in his pajamas!
Having these boys around all day long makes life interesting and sweet. I am so lucky to have my superheroes!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Try not to be jealous!

Mom Mauery strikes again! She completely outdid herself this time. While I was at her house over Christmas, I designed some quilts for Lukas and Sam and even helped her cut out and sew a few blocks. When she showed up in February, they were not only DONE, but she had also whipped up lap quilts for the two older kids for a surprise. Can we say overachiever? They are so beautiful. Not to leave out the baby, she also made a little flannel receiving blanket while at my sister's for Gus. Wowee, thanks mom!
P.S. to all my siblings--this proves I'm the favorite. ha ha

P.P.S. I just remembered another project we did at her house--we put together a portfolio of all the quilts and projects she's done over the years. If you REALLY want to be blown away, take a look at that and immediately feel very uncrafty indeed!

Randomness from my camera

This is just a glimpse into my life, I guess. Nothing major or spectacular, but interesting enough to take a pictures of (maybe?). I caught this crazy shot while walking down our hallway toward the front door and was like "what the?" and then realized that Lukas was probably as confused as I was. Then it dawned on me that Dan was finally painting the siding out front that the painters missed over a year ago. For those of you who know us, don't think just because Dan is touch up painting that we're moving.... The newest addition to our garage:
Finally a place for Dan to keep all his tools (and all his helpers!).

And this lovely picture is miss Emily proudly showing off her first (and second) lost tooth--they happened within days of eachother. It has been a struggle for her--she's 7 for crying out loud, and all her friends are already toothless! Unfortunately, absentmindedness runs in her veins as much as mine, and not only did she misplace her 2nd tooth for about a week, but when she finally got around to finding it, the toothfairy was so "busy" (for an undisclosed amount of time) that finally I just put a buck on her pillow while she was at school today. When she found it, she said "thanks for the money, mom--I guessed it was you since the toothfairy usually comes in the middle of the night and I checked this morning and my tooth was still there." Shoot. Why can't I be more on the ball and keep the childhood magic alive?

Better late than never....

While the rest of the world is blogging about Easter, I'm a wee bit behind....Yes, in my blogging world, there is still snow on the ground. I figured if I could get this updated and over with, Spring would decide to stick around. Believe it or not, I didn't take any pictures Christmas morning. I was too in love with the wonder and excitement on my kids' faces to miss it behind a camera! But, I made sure to get some action shots of the kids sledding and I think Emily took this one of her newly created gingerbread house that my mom couldn't resist!
A shot out of my mom's kitchen window--I think it must have snowed over a foot while we were there. ("there" being Pullman, WA)
And this has nothing to do with Christmas really, but this picture reminded me how much I loved being with my mom and sister during the craft fair early December. We may not have made lots of money, but we sure made lots of memories! These lovely ladies made it all worth it, but kindly remind me to never try to sell anything again....