Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 years and counting!

Under the guise of "going to Walmart to buy Nancy a birthday present," when we were visiting my sister in Rexburg, Dan whisked me off to Jackson Hole alone for a night to celebrate our big "one-oh" anniversary. Was I surprised? shocked? floored? flabbergasted? YES! I was so confused, in fact, that about 3 times I told him he was definitely going the wrong way to Walmart, he was lost, and I was starting to get a little miffed we were in the middle of nowhere right when we were supposed to be leaving for home. When he broke the news to me, all I could think of was "Did you tell Mom and Mary??!!" He of course had thought of everything, and the getaway was perfect. We had an awesome room with an awesome view with awesome food and awesome company. It was AWESOME!

Downtown, they were redoing one of the famous antler arches. We had some spare time on our hands, and they petitioned anyone 9 months pregnant to help.

Phew, that was a lot of work. Mom and Mary, now you know why we got back later than planned.

Well, Dannyboy, the past 10 years have flown by in a whirlwind of fun and friendship and laughter and love. Thanks for a memorable anniversary and spoiling me at every chance you get. I am so lucky to be your bride.
And of course, I have to give a great big thanks to my mom and sister for watching our handful while we were away--we owe you big!!!

I almost forgot--here's what I gave Dan. Thanks to my uber-talented friend Cama, I finally had bridal pics taken about 10 years late. She says "every man deserves a beautiful picture of his wife." Thanks to her photo software, she was able to make that a reality for my hubby! hee hee. It was wonderful to feel glamorous for a day, even though in reality my dress wasn't zipped and I couldn't breath. But who cares--Dan thinks still thinks I'm a hottie after 10 years and that's all I ever wanted!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rexburg ROCKS!!!

Isn't everyone's dream vacation destination Rexburg, Idaho? I know it's my kids'! We travelled there over Memorial Day weekend to spend some quality time with the fam and see the newest addition to Mary and Joe's family, Penny, get blessed. Isn't she precious? So is the baby.While we were there, we also took the animals to the zoo to see the children. Or something like that. Monkey faces so realistic it's scary.My loveable lions.I thought this was too funny--you'd think it was their first trip to the zoo!The whole weekend went by too fast and I've been "sisters-sick" ever since.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Ready

I'm ready to have my ankles back.

I'm ready to not cringe every time I see something fall to the ground because I know I'll have to pick it up.

I'm ready to RUN!

I'm ready to feel pretty again.

I'm ready to be able to tie my shoes without making gutteral noises.

I'm ready to eat whatever I want without suffering the consequenses of heartburn.

I'm ready to have a lap again for my boys.

I'm ready to go the the bathroom less than once an hour and pee more than a tablespoon.

I'm ready to feel kicked on the outside instead of the inside.

I'm even ready to smell like rotten milk and change stinky diapers again. I am.

And oh how I'm ready to hold a sweet little baby again!!!

I just don't think I'm ready for labor yet.

And so I'm ready to stop complaining and wait.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Mom,

Have I ever told you that....

Whenever I get a little scratch on my arm, it reminds me of the hours you'd spend in the raspberry patch pruning and then picking them for our enjoyment?

Every time I eat "delicacies" such as asaparagus, rhurbarb, and beets, I think back to how I loathed them as a child, fresh-picked from the garden, and now I only dream about having them grow like weeds in our backyard?

Even though I was a cheerleader in uniform, you were one in heart and mind, always cheering me on during hard times? You believed in me--I have proof in the "You can do it!" sign you made me in college.

I think your fingers are beautiful? They represent hours at the quilting frame and holding a crochet hook.

Nothing is so sweet as seeing you and Dad share loving moments together when you think no one is watching?

Hearing you laugh so hard that your eyes get squinty and your face turns red is one of the most precious sounds in the world?

Whenever people think I am strong, I picture you bucking hay bales along side the men for our family farm?

I am so grateful to you for passing on all the "dying arts" to us girls? Canning as a child used to be something I dreaded, now there's nothing quite so satisfying as filling up my pantry with those beautiful bottles of fruit....

Thanks to you, I can make dinner in less than 30 minutes with practically nothing? (as long as I have some pasta, a vegetable, and some meat, we're good!)

Also thanks to you, I can't follow a recipe exactly to save my life?

You taught me through example that spending time with your kids is more important than an immaculate home?

Every time I hear the song "Sleigh Ride" I think of our piano duet?

I love you because you understand my phobia of phones and know that I'm thinking of you even if we haven't spoken for a while?

Even though you didn't blatantly preach to us, your testimony came through loud and clear by seeing you read your scriptures and make temple attendance a priority? Even my kids know Grandma's beliefs, thanks to all the FHE kits and special gifts you've given them to help teach them the gospel.

Someday I aspire to be the kind of mom you are?

You're the perfect mom for me?

Well, if I never told you those things, I'm telling you now. I hope you have the best Mother's Day!

Love, Sarah

Thursday, May 07, 2009


Lukas has been into spelling things lately in his sentences. At breakfast this morning he goes: "Mom, you're getting f-a-t. Really big f-a-t! When you get bigger, you're going to be a b-a-l-l!"

So c-u-t-e....I love these little pick me ups in the morning.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bagels and Recitals

So last Saturday the "Sarah Foutz Piano Studio" had it's first recital! I wish I had a decent picture to post, but they all turned out funny. (sorry Dan) I was so nervous for my students Friday night that I could hardly sleep, but they all exceeded my expectations and performed beautifully. They only had about a month to memorize their 2 pieces, whereas the other students (we combined the recital with another studio) had been practicing since January for this event. That's when I started teaching in the first place! But I can't say how proud I am of the kids for working so very hard and doing their best. They were judged and critiqued and awarded gold, silver, and bronze certificates based on their performances.

They all did great!
Then I came home and have been craving bagels for days. I made these yesterday and baked them this morning and boy-howdy, they were worth it! I admit that they aren't the most gorgeous specimens to emerge from my oven, but the taste made up for that double-fold! Don't tell anyone that I've already eaten 3 of them (with butter and jam) this morning. The baby was hungry.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Oh, and by the way....

I'm due next month!!!

My Man's Big Day

That smile just melts my heart. I was so excited for Dan's birthday this year because he has been working so hard these past few months and I wanted to give him something to celebrate. It actually started at midnight with his brother the day before, and ended with a midnight movie (Wolverine) on Thursday. My guy knows how to party! In between all that, the fam came over for one of his favorite dinners (ham, potatoes, cobb salad, and jello), along with his yearly request of strawberry cake. (Let me pat myself on the back and mention that I also made homemade rolls with strawberry freezer jam for an extra special treat for him--he's been begging for jam for years!) We were all stuffed! That's a big fire, and a lot of smoke! Any guesses on how old he is?!

Then came time for the presents. I was so excited for him to open this. A few years ago he met the owners of Jones' Soda and he told me you could personalize your own soda. He loves their soda, so I looked into it. Thanks to my bro, Timothy for getting this picture last summer. He loved it so much, he put some of it on display in his office. Awww. You can't read the fine print, but you also get to write a personal message on the back. I'd tell you what it says, but it's, um personal.Dan, Dan, you're my man.