Thursday, March 19, 2009

BJ's Masterpiece

Hello, I'm Benjamin. We had a scout meeting on America and I thought we could make the Liberty Bell. when we baked it, there happened to be a crack, so we were kind of lucky. I decorated it and I did a pretty good job. I wish there was more, because it didn't really have the color. IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!

*Note: this is his mama! Isn't he the cutest little chef? I loved it when he said "this cake decorating is a lot harder than it looks!" He was so proud of himself.

8 is enough. Or is it?!

I have been a hermit these past 2 weeks. Emily was sick first, then Lukas. You know how they say when life gives you lemons to make lemonade? I took it a step farther than that and made lemon-poppyseed muffins. And bran muffins. And cornmeal muffins. And more raisin bran muffins. And then some pineapple coconut muffins--2 kinds actually, to compare. And I threw in some banana bread while I was at it. Then some French bread. And some granola, just to feel a little healthier. So, the question is, what do you get when you make 270 muffins in one week?

The answer was revealed today at my Dr.'s appointment. How about an 8 pound weight gain? And I don't think it's just because my hair grew another 1/8th of an inch last month....

But who cares. Throw out the scale and feed me more because hallelujah I'm not puking my guts out and I'm enjoying myself. (except the heart burn, but icecream fixes that right up.) I think it's no coincidence that last week in our family scripture study I came across my new favorite scripture in 2 Nephi 9:51 "....let your soul delight in fatness." I'm doing my best!

Monday, March 16, 2009

100 Days and Counting!

For those of you who know me well, you won't find it a surprise that I know when I only have 100 days left of pregnancy. And it's today!!! (And I don't know just because of that twirling alienesque looking thing on my side bar--I figured it out first! (note to self: change that baby as soon as I publish post) Just take a look at my checkbook register and you'll find all sorts of dates circled with numbers written by them. I am admittedly freakish in this regard.) This is a trickier countdown than most because it may be a few days off, and I don't like celebrating uncertainty, but I guess it's better than not celebrating at all. So, it's on to double digits for baby Gus-gus! (for lack of a better name, this is what I have been calling him and heaven help him, because it just might stick!)

When I mentioned to Dan last week that this "big day" was coming up, he just laughed and said "It reminds me of the day when you decided to try and figure out how many seconds old you were and it just so happened that you turned a billion seconds old that day." What are the odds?! So, naturally I made myself a cake and invited the family over to celebrate my billionth birth-second. (And naturally Dan made a spread sheet on excel to figure out when anybody else would turn a billion seconds old and other odd numerical birth-facts. And naturally, being the space cadet I am sometimes, I deleted excel from my computer about 3 million seconds ago and have yet to replace it.) All I know is, it happens before you turn 32.

It also reminded me of the time I decided to celebrate our 100 month anniversary because I had a sneaky suspicion that I'd be expecting a baby on our 10th anniversary. I was right. (For anyone who's too lazy to figure that on out, it's 8 years, 4 months.) It didn't exactly turn out how I had planned (oh, it was going to be grand), but for some people, the planning is the best part. You don't even want to know how many parties I have planned in my head and never got around to inviting anyone except myself. So, I guess we'll just have to celebrate our 4000 days together, which happens May 8, 2010. Or 150 months together, which is November 27, 2011. Or a whopping 5000 days on February 1, 2013. I best get to planning. And no more babies to mess things up!!! (a girl can dream, right?!)

And that was a sneak peak into the curious mind of Sarah Foutz.