Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

To my dearest dad and the daddy of my children:

I salute and honor you. I couldn't ask for better examples for all my boys for the type of men I want them to become. You are men of faith and integrity and treat the women in your lives like queens. I love you both and hope you had a wonderful day!
Isn't he cute? He's posing with some of the gifts the kids got him for his big day.This really should be another post, but I'm lazy....We had Dan's brother and family over for Father's day dinner and we realized that Katy and I have never been pregnant (aka large)together, although we're both expecting our 5th. Weird, eh? So, we had to get a belly shot for the record. And I believe this is one of the few shots I have of me pregnant at 9 months. Dang we look good! :)We are officially goofy--I'm not sure what I was trying to portray in this shot, but I think I did a marvelous job. I'm pretty sure our babies are passing positive vibes to each other telling each other that even though our moms may be nuts, it's ok to come out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's all Semantics

What some people call "impatient," I like to refer to as "proactive." Yes, I realize I still have 4 days left, but my baby only has a short window of convenience to arrive. You see, my doctor is leaving town from Monday to Friday next week, so this weekend is IT. What have I done to speed up the process? Lots of things, but here's the kicker:

I just ran 2 miles. Crazy, I know. But, hopefully it works and the next post on here will have baby pictures. And I'll make up Father's Day to Dan, um, next year.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Who likes Cheesecake?!

In honor of my new springform pan that I got for my birthday, I'm hosting a contest. It's simple and fun and ends in sublime richness.

I'm going to bake a cheesecake for the person who comes the closest to guessing my due date.
To enter, just make a comment with your guess of date and time (in case people choose the same date) and the winner will be duly rewarded. Muah ha ha ha.
In order to make it fair, I am officially due June 24. I have gone between 5 days early and 12 days late in the past. I will not be induced.Let the predictions begin!!
If you live out of town, shoot. I'll think of something, don't worry.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Bumpers and Birdies

I finished it! While I was at my sister's house in Rexburg, all three of us girls started making bumper pads for our babies to match the quilts mom made for them. It turned out to be more of an ordeal than I anticipated, but with Emily's help, I got it done today! Now all I need is the crib!Here's the quilt I was coordinating it with. Honestly, the picture doesn't do it justice. It is so darn cute in person, I can hardly stand it.
And try to imagine it all with a sleeping baby in this crib: Oh, I can hardly wait.

Inside the Curious Mind of Emily Foutz

Yesterday Emily brought home a bound book called "My Year Long Journal" from first grade. It was fun to read and get a little insight to her quirky personality. Some of the entries made me wonder what her teacher may have thought....

Example 1: Being truthful is important because.... We will die if we don't foloe the ten comandment's. I like the ten comandments. You will die if you don't folou the ten comandments. I mean get brnd with fire and then die and not go to heaven. I want to go to heaven agen and see Jesas again.

Example 2: Something I want Mrs. Hill to know about me is.... I'm POSITIVE! I'M CARFALE! I LIKE MYSELF AT EVERY PLACE!

Example 3: Sometimes I wish.... Sometimes I wish my little brother was quite as a mouse. My little brother is blazing loud. He is 3. His name is Sameil, and he loves cars. I love peace. My two brothers don't give it to me. I have 3 brothers. One is quite. His name is Benjamin. He dose funny tricks like making his hands float up automatically.

Example 4: If I could live any place.... I could do the splits. (huh?) I cannot do the splits anymore because I am seven. I am older than I was before. When I grow up...I'm going to live in a store. The store will be blue, and orange, red, purple, yellow, lavender, vilet, and white. I will live in a candy store.

That entry was ironic--earlier she mentioned "I like healthy food. I like banannas. I eat clean ones, not grody ones. I like monkeys that eat banannas, they like me."

Oh Emmers. (or Emrz as she informed me it was spelled) I don't want you to grow up. Please stay little and carefree and full of wonder and enthusiasm for life. I couldn't ask for a better person to be my one and only girl. You bring so much laughter and love into my life.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Birthday Girl!

"Happy birthday to me, I'm the big thirty-three. I feel like a walrus, and I want this baby."

Who's more excited for cake: me or Sam? Dan and the kids made my favorite--pineapple upside down yumminess. Bless his heart.
And of course, the Dan and the kids surprised me with gifts that I didn't even know existed. Who could have predicted drumsticks with flames on them?! Including sweet "silencing tips" so I can rock out at night without disturbing my kids' slumber....Not to be outdone, Mom Mauery pulled out all the stops this year and finished her 2 year long project of an old-fashioned quilt that blew me away. It is so lovely and makes me smile every time I walk by my bed. Pay no attention to the moose antlers in the background. Every master needs horns somewhere. It's good feng shui.Thanks to everyone who made my birthday memorable and delightful. From a much-needed pedicure from Jenny (I'd take pictures of my toes, but I have club feet at the moment) to Dan watching the kids while I got my hair done (I'd take pictures, but alas, it's destined to be in a ponytail for another year), to my book club gals treating me to dinner, it was truly a happy day(s). I have a great life!