Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

To my dearest dad and the daddy of my children:

I salute and honor you. I couldn't ask for better examples for all my boys for the type of men I want them to become. You are men of faith and integrity and treat the women in your lives like queens. I love you both and hope you had a wonderful day!
Isn't he cute? He's posing with some of the gifts the kids got him for his big day.This really should be another post, but I'm lazy....We had Dan's brother and family over for Father's day dinner and we realized that Katy and I have never been pregnant (aka large)together, although we're both expecting our 5th. Weird, eh? So, we had to get a belly shot for the record. And I believe this is one of the few shots I have of me pregnant at 9 months. Dang we look good! :)We are officially goofy--I'm not sure what I was trying to portray in this shot, but I think I did a marvelous job. I'm pretty sure our babies are passing positive vibes to each other telling each other that even though our moms may be nuts, it's ok to come out.


i will survive said...

very cute pic of you two. i can't believe you ran 2 miles- nutz! i hope that babe comes sooner than later. i can't wait to meet him.

MZB said...

You are a NUT, but I am sure glad you are my friend. Best of wishes for the up coming day, I am still hoping for the 25th